Teach a man to shuck an oyster so he can better pleasure his wife, teach a man to shuck an oyster so that he can understand the simple pleasures in life. For I believe it is satisfaction we chase and not blind happiness.

The feeling of a job well done, the pop and release.

Like a child we stumble for happiness, for a cure to boredom. But do we know what makes us happy? Perhaps others know better than us and this is the control.

Life has an innate sadness and difficulty, these should not be hid from. …

The beauty of a forest fire is the potential living in the soil to regrow. As long as we treat the soil as our slave, we will be forced to live through it’s rebellion.

We did a soil taste test at a summer camp I attended as a child. I think back to that time often, how difficult it would be to get a random group of adults to repeat the experiment. But the kids bought in.

How long before some of us sanitize towards our insanity? Beyond a cleanliness obsession, we must own that the sudden population and industrial…

As I outlive some of my musical heroes, I wonder what it was that took them so young.

What is so special about 27?

Old enough to have ‘made’ it. To be unquenched by the sweet taste of success. Stripped of a normal existence by our voyeuristic culture, they floundered in drug abuse and social withdrawal. Unable to live amongst the people, unable to live as a star.

I have a soft spot in my heart for fat Elvis. Hungry dogs run faster, but old dogs know the tricks. Singing of heartbreak while living a lifestyle preempting heart attack, Elvis…

What hold does music have on our soul to twist and bend our spirits with ease?

Can you hear the music? Feel the rhythm and beat?

How much of our…

When we were little, my older sister created a pagan tree ritual. We would stand in front of the large tree in our yard and recite verse (I would have my eyes closed). Voila, a fizzy orange drink would appear on the other side.

She would have friends over and the game would be a secret ridicule. Jokes on her, the drinks were delicious and the tree is a good friend. She transmuted the relationship.

Now as I struggle with what to do as our generation faces dramatic environmental changes, I think about the trees. …

How can something so beautiful and fair prick so sharply?

Perhaps it was never meant to be grabbed with clumsy hands.

Is a rose in a field of dandelions forever to be cursed for its’ thorns?

While others can be soft and fluffy, conflict avoidant to a fault, a rose does not allow the world to bend and twist her spirit.

Great beauty could not survive if it did not know how to protect itself, but still, how am I to walk safely with the rose across the rocks if I can not hold it?

The thorns are not mine…

What is waste in nature? The word reeks of privilege. The privilege of a closed mind and closed system thinking ignorant of a larger symphony. A perspective that ignores anything not considered relevant. The same system that values production and consumption over health and harmony. Is sleep a waste because it is not so easily understood?

What nourishes the roots of a tree? What nourishes our bones? We are natural engineers, not scientists. Science chases objective truth; we care about what works. We look for what serves us so we can move forward.

This is an ode to the earth…

Sebastian Harrison

Environmental Engineer and Writer www.leavesfromthetree.com

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