I build castles in my mind and watch them turn to sand and wash away.

If you want to appreciate food again, go a couple days without eating.

If you want to appreciate fresh air, practice holding your breath.

If you want to appreciate the sun, let the sea swallow…

Wild Mushrooms (Image by Dan Woje)

Without the decomposers, the circle of life would be a pyramid scheme. Perhaps no kingdom better exemplifies the grand mystery of life than the fungus.

If the trees of a forest are the lungs of the world, then the fungus and microbes are the digestive system. In the big equation…

There is power in letting go — in sitting back and realizing the perfection of the present moment.

Let loose of stagnant tension, the tight muscles do not serve you anymore.

Put down your shield, warrior, you can relax again.

We can live stuck in patterns of the past, entombed…

Teach a man to shuck an oyster so he can better pleasure his wife, teach a man to shuck an oyster so that he can understand the simple pleasures in life. For I believe it is satisfaction we chase and not blind happiness.

The feeling of a job well done…

The beauty of a forest fire is the potential living in the soil to regrow. As long as we treat the soil as our slave, we will be forced to live through it’s rebellion.

We did a soil taste test at a summer camp I attended as a child. I…

As I outlive some of my musical heroes, I wonder what it was that took them so young.

What is so special about 27?

Old enough to have ‘made’ it. To be unquenched by the sweet taste of success. Stripped of a normal existence by our voyeuristic culture, they floundered…

Sebastian Harrison

Environmental Engineer and Writer www.leavesfromthetree.com

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